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TetTFIOtUeEf 04/18/13 a las 17:48:47
Yes, never forget. People do, some on puropse, and some by the simple addition of time to gloss over the horror.Do you remember? Do you, really? Maybe you think you do, but do you?This will remind you as forcefully as it did me:May God have mercy on us, and bring vengence to murderers!Never forget, and never submit!
san 1964 03/21/13 a las 21:56:36
latina 54 01/27/13 a las 06:58:42
Mi amol buscame o mandame algo bst
san1964 11/17/12 a las 00:19:05
hola vonita
Julian 10/31/12 a las 19:46:27
Soy maduro busco mujeres ardientes
daniel 10/27/12 a las 22:46:27
Hola alguna chica uapa porai
fran 10/26/12 a las 10:42:33
busco maduro yo tio de48
Juan 05/09/12 a las 10:51:21
Alguna chica linda por aki ,, jejej
Juan 05/09/12 a las 10:50:47
Ola que tal
LATINA54 04/11/12 a las 09:37:23
Buenos dias, gente linda